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What's happening at silkaura

I've been feeling distant from the online community lately. I haven't written a personal update in ages, and the thought of working on my shrines has felt like a chore. Lately I've taken a step back and thought about things, and I think I know what I need to do. No, I'm not leaving the internet (not yet, anyway), but I do need a fresh start.

I've decided to separate my site posts from my personal posts, and I've started a personal journal at swallowthelake. I'm not as interested in things like anime as I used to be, and this journal is saturated with those remnants. I've hidden behind this journal, and this is my attempt to be more honest.

I will also be using a new moniker at my personal journal: Laurel (I'm still not comfortable giving out my real name, but this is much closer than Kotono ever was). I'll still be using the old name here, and if you're used to calling me that, it's quite all right. Maybe this is more confusing than it's worth, but it makes me feel better.

silkaura will remain as an update log. If you'd like to follow my personal posts, add swallowthelake. :)
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Site News: Shrines

- Ace of Hearts has been nominated for "Favorite Animanga Character" at the 2010 Fansite Pageant. Thank you so much! :)

- I am not sure what to do with Emerald Star. No, I am NOT AT ALL considering closing it, but I have been unhappy with its state for a long time. There's still so much that needs to be done, but it has been difficult to motivate to do anything about it. So much of the structure and written content is outdated, and I don't think the shrine has been able to keep up with changes in the shrine community. I'm considering putting it on official hiatus for a month or two, then starting completely from scratch. If anyone has suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
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Update: Shrines: Ace of Hearts

I have been doing a lot of work for Ace of Hearts recently. Normally, I wouldn't plug a revamp until it is 100% complete, but given the stress of this autumn, I don't know if that will happen soon. So I thought I'd go ahead and give you a breakdown of what's happened so far and what you can expect in the future:

- There are now four sections instead of three, as I have taken the fan-related pages that used to be under "Site/Et Cetera" and given them their own section: "Interactive." This new section includes the fanlisting and sprite adoptions as well as an expanded fanworks page and newly added graphics page.

- Lover of Venus has been expanded to include all types of fan expression, not just poems. Selections now include fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes (including This Broken Road, which I created for the revamp), and cosplay. Submissions, as always, are open, as I would love to expand this section.

- Ace High houses a plethora of new LiveJournal icons and printable bookmarks. What else would you like to see there? Different icon sizes? Wallpapers? Free layouts?

- I am slowly going through and editing/rewriting all the articles, adding new speculation and footnotes. So far edited articles include Danburite, Saijou Ace, and Adonis. The rest will be visited in no particular order throughout the rest of the year.

- New articles! This includes the long awaited Kaitou Ace vs. Tuxedo Kamen article, which I am fairly happy with right now. Other new articles include Kaitou Alterna, a breakdown of recurring symbols in the CNSV and BSSM universes, and Cruel Medium, a look at the he-cursed-Minako argument (this isn't exactly new, but I don't think I ever officially announced it).

- New links and a few buttons have been added as well.

As far as the future, you can expect more in the way of written content. For whatever reason, I find Ace easy to analyze and discuss.
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Fanmix: Codename: Sailor V - Kaitou Ace and Sailor V - This Broken Road

Medium: Manga
Fandom: Codename: Sailor V
Subject: Kaitou Ace/Sailor V
Title: This Broken Road
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole series.
Notes: As usual, songs were chosen more for their tonal value than for their lyrics. Also, I am still working on the fic drabbles between tracks, but I figured I'd post the mix anyway.

Collapse )

This has also been added to the new fanworks section of Ace of Hearts. I encourage you to go check it out, and if you would like to submit fanworks of your own, please do! I am looking to expand that section with work by talented folks like you! :)
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Update: Fanlistings

The fanlisting at Tempest has been updated with new codes. The old ones were rushed and looked a bit outdated. Go switch your old one out for a new one or join!

EDIT: Romancing the Firebird has also been updated with new codes. I'm still playing with the CSS, but at this point all of my fanlistings are up and working.
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Update: Network, Shrines

- Revamped and greatly simplified the links page at the collective. Made buttons for affiliates (if you'd like to be one, leave a comment), removed dead links, added new ones (mostly friends from Amassment). I might continue to play around with it.

- Moved Crimson Mysteria to ko.fated.nu. No, not revamped. Just moved. Please update your links. This is being pushed back a bit on my priorities list. I have other projects on the brink of being finished, and I need to get those done first before I can focus on these smaller projects.

- I have decided to close Kaze Midori. I haven't touched MKR in years, and I haven't been keen on picking it back up any time soon. It's still up at kore.sinfree.net/fuu in archived form in case I ever change my mind and decide to revive it. As far as MKR goes, though, I'd rather focus energy on expanding my Eagle shrine.

- I've been spending a lot of time with Ace of Hearts. Does anyone know where I can find good-quality scans of the Codename wa Sailor V manga? My old sources have disappeared from the internet.

- I still want to do an anniversary special for Emerald Star, but I'm not going to set myself a deadline. I feel like that just dooms it from the start.
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Fanlistings are back!

And with management scripts. I still have to play around with the CSS for Romancing the Firebird, but I wanted to go ahead and get it up before I got a warning from TAFL for inactivity. Ace of Hearts has all new codes as well. I plan to make new ones for Tempest sometime soon. Also, I think I was able to import all the old members, but please check to make sure you haven't been skipped over. And, as always, feel free to join!

Otherwise, I have been doing tons of work on my Ace shrine, mostly content-related. It should be fully revamped soon.

Also, I have a new non-animanga idea I'd like to shrine. This is big, as it would be my first non-animanga shrine since I opened my collective in 2000. I should really get new hobbies.