Kotono (silkaura) wrote,

Jai guru deva om

So if you haven't seen Across the Universe yet, I highly suggest that you get into your car and drive to the nearest theatre ASAP. The film was absolutely stunning (not to mention that Jim Sturgess is one hot piece of Liverpool love and Martin Luther McCoy is a fox, especially when singing While My Guitar Gently Weeps). I don't mention it much online, but my Beatles fangirlism is in general much more pronounced than my manga fangirlism. Why was I not alive in the sixties and married to George Harrison? Sigh... But even if you aren't a raving fan like myself, the movie is still very good. The way the songs and Beatles trivia are inserted into the plot is masterful, and the cinematography is quite artful. Although I have given up fanlistings for the time being, I'd really love to own this one. Thoughts?
Tags: fangirlism
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