Kotono (silkaura) wrote,

Fanlistings are back!

And with management scripts. I still have to play around with the CSS for Romancing the Firebird, but I wanted to go ahead and get it up before I got a warning from TAFL for inactivity. Ace of Hearts has all new codes as well. I plan to make new ones for Tempest sometime soon. Also, I think I was able to import all the old members, but please check to make sure you haven't been skipped over. And, as always, feel free to join!

Otherwise, I have been doing tons of work on my Ace shrine, mostly content-related. It should be fully revamped soon.

Also, I have a new non-animanga idea I'd like to shrine. This is big, as it would be my first non-animanga shrine since I opened my collective in 2000. I should really get new hobbies.
Tags: sites, sites: ace of hearts, sites: projects, sites: romancing the firebird, sites: tempest
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