Kotono (silkaura) wrote,

Update: Network, Shrines

- Revamped and greatly simplified the links page at the collective. Made buttons for affiliates (if you'd like to be one, leave a comment), removed dead links, added new ones (mostly friends from Amassment). I might continue to play around with it.

- Moved Crimson Mysteria to ko.fated.nu. No, not revamped. Just moved. Please update your links. This is being pushed back a bit on my priorities list. I have other projects on the brink of being finished, and I need to get those done first before I can focus on these smaller projects.

- I have decided to close Kaze Midori. I haven't touched MKR in years, and I haven't been keen on picking it back up any time soon. It's still up at kore.sinfree.net/fuu in archived form in case I ever change my mind and decide to revive it. As far as MKR goes, though, I'd rather focus energy on expanding my Eagle shrine.

- I've been spending a lot of time with Ace of Hearts. Does anyone know where I can find good-quality scans of the Codename wa Sailor V manga? My old sources have disappeared from the internet.

- I still want to do an anniversary special for Emerald Star, but I'm not going to set myself a deadline. I feel like that just dooms it from the start.
Tags: sites, sites: ace of hearts, sites: collective, sites: crimson mysteria, sites: emerald star, sites: kaze midori
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