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Update: Shrines: Ace of Hearts

I have been doing a lot of work for Ace of Hearts recently. Normally, I wouldn't plug a revamp until it is 100% complete, but given the stress of this autumn, I don't know if that will happen soon. So I thought I'd go ahead and give you a breakdown of what's happened so far and what you can expect in the future:

- There are now four sections instead of three, as I have taken the fan-related pages that used to be under "Site/Et Cetera" and given them their own section: "Interactive." This new section includes the fanlisting and sprite adoptions as well as an expanded fanworks page and newly added graphics page.

- Lover of Venus has been expanded to include all types of fan expression, not just poems. Selections now include fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes (including This Broken Road, which I created for the revamp), and cosplay. Submissions, as always, are open, as I would love to expand this section.

- Ace High houses a plethora of new LiveJournal icons and printable bookmarks. What else would you like to see there? Different icon sizes? Wallpapers? Free layouts?

- I am slowly going through and editing/rewriting all the articles, adding new speculation and footnotes. So far edited articles include Danburite, Saijou Ace, and Adonis. The rest will be visited in no particular order throughout the rest of the year.

- New articles! This includes the long awaited Kaitou Ace vs. Tuxedo Kamen article, which I am fairly happy with right now. Other new articles include Kaitou Alterna, a breakdown of recurring symbols in the CNSV and BSSM universes, and Cruel Medium, a look at the he-cursed-Minako argument (this isn't exactly new, but I don't think I ever officially announced it).

- New links and a few buttons have been added as well.

As far as the future, you can expect more in the way of written content. For whatever reason, I find Ace easy to analyze and discuss.
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