Kotono (silkaura) wrote,

What's happening at silkaura

I've been feeling distant from the online community lately. I haven't written a personal update in ages, and the thought of working on my shrines has felt like a chore. Lately I've taken a step back and thought about things, and I think I know what I need to do. No, I'm not leaving the internet (not yet, anyway), but I do need a fresh start.

I've decided to separate my site posts from my personal posts, and I've started a personal journal at swallowthelake. I'm not as interested in things like anime as I used to be, and this journal is saturated with those remnants. I've hidden behind this journal, and this is my attempt to be more honest.

I will also be using a new moniker at my personal journal: Laurel (I'm still not comfortable giving out my real name, but this is much closer than Kotono ever was). I'll still be using the old name here, and if you're used to calling me that, it's quite all right. Maybe this is more confusing than it's worth, but it makes me feel better.

silkaura will remain as an update log. If you'd like to follow my personal posts, add swallowthelake. :)
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