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Just a heads-up

My fanlistings will look a little messed up for a while because I'm working on converting them to fanlisting scripts. It will all be sorted out within the next few days. Also, I am cleaning up the members lists, so a few of you may need to rejoin.
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Some Network Plans

Emerald Star - I had always thought of doing a big special for the site's tenth anniversary, which was yesterday. :( Unfortunately, it coincided with my last few weeks of school, and my work has just kept me too busy to do anything. I don't want to half-ass something like this, so here's what I'm thinking: I'm going to postpone the celebration until June 11 (I would say May, but I'm going to be out of town for a while). I don't want to pass a milestone like this up, and I'd rather do it a little later than never.

Ace of Hearts - I have a handful of half-written articles lying around, and I hope to reread CNSV (or at least just the parts with Ace) this summer so I can finish them. I may update the multimedia section, too.

Tempest and Romancing the Firebird - I had a plan a while ago for a general senshi/shitennou shrine called Fight Back the Dawn, and I've been thinking of combining Tempest and Romancing the Firebird and writing new content for the remaining couples. It doesn't make much sense to keep Tempest and create a general shrine. Any thoughts?

Crimson Mysteria, Kaze Midori, Rhapsody - I plan to finally move these over to Rhapsody will be receiving a complete overhaul, then will most likely be archived. I would like to continue to build Crimson Mysteria, but that will likely be a much slower process. I'm not completely sure what to do with Kaze Midori. I'm not as interested in MKR as I used to be, but I don't know if I can close the shrine down. We'll see.

New Projects - I've been wanting to shrine Access Time and Jet Black for years, but I can't make any promises. I'm just not as motivated to shrine as I once was.
CNSV: wheel of fate


Geocities is closing before the end of this month, and it's really been making me nostalgic. When it closes, a huge part of web-culture history will be wiped out. While some of us will be sure to back up our files, all the old, well-loved, abandoned sites will disappear.

I am especially sad about the Kraider sites. Does anyone else remember them? They were a group of cousins who created Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon shrines, one for each of the senshi except for Sailormoon and Sailorchibimoon. They were active between 1996 and 2000. Their shrines had a big impact on the Sailormoon community: they were among the first to include in depth character analyses, and they help start the move towards information-based shrines.

I bring this up because Jov's shrine to Sailorjupiter, Dark Echo Grounds of Thunder Senshi, was a major influence for my own Sailorjupiter shrine. Her shrine gave me the idea of organizing information based on persona, and my early designs were inspired by ones I saw there. Even now, almost ten years later, I still draw inspiration from her site. By today's standards it is not perfect: there are a few factual mistakes, the design does not work with all browsers, the designs lack the flair that many modern shrines have. For its time, though, it was the best of its kind. It remains one of my very favorite shrines, and I am deeply sad that it will be deleted soon.

The other Kraider shrines were just as impressive: Beam of the Love Senshi, Fire Senshi's Realm, Turbulence: The Second Impact, Time Senshi of the Crystal Gateways. Unfortunately, Silent Walls of Destruction, Embrace of Turbulent Tides, and Ice Senshi's Lake of Illusions have already been deleted (the last, though, can be viewed via the Internet Web Archive.

Nothing lasts.
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New layout!

There is a new, more aesthetically pleasing layout up at Paper Cranes. I kept the whole everything-on-the-main-page thing (except for links), and I really like the way it came out. I've tried working with this image several times, and I've never been able to get it to work how I like. Until now. :)

I cleaned up the links page a little bit, but I still need to go through and add a lot more. If you want to exchange links, email me, or leave a comment here.
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Quick Note

I reuploaded the last layout to Emerald Star. I really like the layout Juhi made for me (thanks, again!), but it's getting into fall, and it's time for a change. Besides, the current layout was only up for a few days before the marathon started.

ES will be ten years old in April. Yes, that's still about nine months away, but it's really got me thinking. I can't believe I've been a part of the shrine community for this long. I wonder what the 13-year-old Kotono would do if I time-traveled back and showed her what the little three-page Sailorjupiter site turned into. Weird. I've been flirting with the idea of doing a "specials" section, and I really want to do something for the ten-year anniversary. Maybe a kind of then-and-now thing? It might be cool, right? I figure I'm the only one who really remembers what the shrine was like way back when, so it might be neat to show my visitors.

My shrine favoritism is painfully obvious, huh?
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Site To-do List #1

First, regarding my last entry, I was able to dig up an older draft of said article, so all is not completely lost. One section is completely gone, but the outline is still in tact.

Second, I have made a layout for Paper Cranes, but I am still working out the coding. So maybe soon, maybe not-so-soon.

Third, most of my sites will be going into semi-archive mode. This is to accommodate for the immense amount of work I will encounter as I begin my first year of a research-based master's program. Expect consolidation and organization, but not a lot in the way of new things.
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Announcements and plans

I've been meaning to make a post about this stuff for a while now, but I kept getting distracted.

- Emerald Star was rec'ed at arainymonday. Really, really flattering because I love all their choices, and they really put thought into their recs. July was a big month for ES.

- No motivation to finish my project for the one-page shrine marathon at amassment. I decided not to do my original idea because I'd rather devote the time to turning it into a full shrine. I have a few other ideas for one-pagers, but none of them really inspires me to plug away. That and I really need a higher quality scan for a layout, but if I tell you the image it will give the content away. I'm really in love with the title I picked out for it, though.

- After I finish my one-page, site updates and livejournal activity will slow down pretty considerably. I'm about to start graduate school, so I'm planning on limiting my recreational web time to one day a week. This is partly because of the work load, but also because I want to try to be more involved in non-school, non-web things. Friends, it's time for Kotono to get a life. Sort of.